Moodle premium themes free download

22.09.2021 By Sean Berry

moodle premium themes free download

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  • Free technical support in case you are facing any challenge in downlosd the design. Professional support available to help you further customize these templates to your specific needs.

    Download Free & Best eLearning Templates designs

    Premimu templates are completely royalty-free with no odwnload to charge you in the future. Full privacy assured with no code and design pieces to pull data or content outside your template. All Excl. Premium Assets. Premium Templates: 5. Free Templates: Unlimited. Premium Templates: All Assets. Premium Templates: Unlimited.

    Templates are used because it saves time as well as there will be lesser chance of error in website. For development team too, it becomes quite easy to customize a readymade template. Close Menu Templates Library. Download Storyline Templates.

    LMS Plugins. Moodle Plugins. Download Moodle Plugins. Templates Library. Free and Premium eLearning Templates Articulate Storyline based beautifully designed templates for various freee verticals to help you speed up your eLearning initiatives. Learn More. Templates for the diverse industry verticals Beautifully designed Templates with functionalities Customizable templates to your specific needs.

    Popular Categories. Moodle Set-up wizard: Settings Summary.

    Downloaf For Free ThemeForest CMS Themes: Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Webflow, Concrete5, MODX Themes, Miscellaneous, Mura, Weebly. Moove premium version! We are proud to announce that now Moove has a premium version. Look this as an alternative to help the free plugin version. The premium version has some extra features like dark mode, a new login customized page, and an immersive course mode. Check this out! Go to Moove Premium site. Jun 04,  · Moodle is a powerful learning management system which is widely used by academics and students to build online course management and e-learning websites for universities and institutions around the world.. Moodle templates and themes let you quickly establish a great looking platform, without too much development time and resource. These .

    WordPress Edwiser Bridge Statistics. WordPress User login page. WordPress User registration page. Now unzip and upload the folder using the FTP application of your choice. The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the admin dashboard. Go to the Plugins menu in Moodle.

    Click on Install plugins. Upload plugins zip file. Then click on Install plugin from the Zip file. Now unzip and upload the folder in local directory of Moodle using the FTP application of your choice. The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the cownload.

    CMS Themes Archives - Premium Nulled

    Moodle Configuration Take a look at premium link below and follow the steps provided to configure your Moodle website. Do WordPress and Moodle need to be installed downloa running on the same server? No, not required. Both the systems can be installed on the same server or different servers.

    Which course details are imported on synchronizing courses from Moodle to WordPress? Dowhload free WordPress website be used with multiple Moodle websites? No, this mooddle not possible using Edwiser Bridge. Can one Moodle site themes connected to multiple WordPress sites?

    Can I use another payment gateway moodle place of PayPal to sell my courses? You can post your suggestions in our Ideas Forum. What if I wish to suggest some new premuim as part of Edwiser Bridge? Where should I do it? One of the best customer support experiences over email I've download After initiating support, the agent provided an extensive self help troubleshooting checklist.

    Then after gaining access to my environment, reported back a database collation issue that none of us had noticed. You've secured a long term customer! No idea if its any good because after paying handsome sum of money I could not get SSL to work properly as it was presenting a security risk. Numerous emails but no reply from support.

    Disappointed and frustrated at losing prfmium and money for this. They are very responsive, and really take care of their customers.

    moodle premium themes free download

    Last day they even record a tutorial video, just to show how to perform some settings where I needed help. Do not hesitate, just use the plugin. One of the best investment for a very smooth and perfect connection between your WordPress installation and your Moodle plateform.

    Great plugin and very responsive support Syncs very well with Moodle. Easy to install and to use. Good job, Edweiser Team. Thank you. Contributors WisdmLabs.

    Moodle plugins directory: Moove

    Interested in development? Changelog 2. Feature — Repurchase option for the suspended course on single course page. Fix — Removed registration section from user-account page if registation is disabled from settings. Tweak — Optimized user-account page functionality which further improved the page speed.

    Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration – WordPress plugin |

    Tweak — Optimized My Courses page functionality which further improved the page speed. Feature — Added course category wise filter and sorting functionality on course shortcode page. Feature — Added stats page in Edwsier Bridge settings. Feature — Added all Edwiser Themmes and Moodle extensions latest versions on stats page with Moodle plugins download link.

    Feature — Added Edwiser Bridge configuration details like Moodle site details and course count on stats page. Feture — Added link user account functionality if the account is created on moodle and exist on wordpress. Feture — Added Setting to show hide course archive page in frontend. Feture — Added search functionality on manage enrollment page.

    Tweek — Added space before username in thenes user account email template. Tweek — Improved the test connection error message. Tweek — My Courses page progress service call optimisation. Fix — Help popup was showing html on setting page.

    26+ Social Media Website Themes & Templates | Free & Premium Templates

    Fix — User Linked success message style fix. Tweak — Added compatibility to SSO plugin. Feature — Theme compatibility with Flatsome. Feature — Added Bcc field in the email template. Feature — First name, last name and password synchronization when user profile is updated. Feature — Course deletion synchronized on WordPress site when course is deleted from Moodle.

    Tweek — New enrollment status that is Suspend is added on the WordPress side. Tweek — Added date sorting in the Manage Enrollment page. Tweek — Triggered email for backend user enrollment in course. Tweek — Course progress functionality added on the My Courses tab of the User account page. Tweek — Added Sidebar support for course archive page.

    Tweek — UI Improvements for course cards on all pages. Tweek — Added common function to check the array value. Feature — Settings and connection summary page will be shown on the Moodle.

    Free — Admin user unenrollment from edit user page and manage enrollment page will unenroll user from course irrespective of thr enrollment method and the enrollment count. Tweak — Modified Moodle service creation process. Download — Unenrolment from Moodle use to premiumm only WordPress enrollment count now it will make enrollment count as 0.

    Feature — Themes functionality to add missing functions on premium the existing web-service. Tweak — Added functionality to show all non added Moodle web service functions on test connection functionality. Tweak — Added buttons on settings page for help and rating.

    Fix — While synchronizing courses if all checkboxes are not ticked then nothing was preimum fixed this issue and now courses gets created in WordPress with a status as published. Fix — WordPress enrollment record timezone was not same as the WordPress timezone so fixed moodle. Fix — Paid orders sometimes were not getting completed for new users.

    This issue has been resolved.


    Fix — Solved the title issue appearing without elipses on course card. Fix — Removed blank spaces added automatically before email templates. Fix — Solved eb-my-courses course progress issue. Feature — Email template for User enrolled directly in Moodle. Feature — User will get un-enrolled from the course on WordPress site if the same user gets un-enrolled from the course on Moodle site.

    Feature — Email template for dowload un-enrollment directly in Moodle. Feature — User account will be created on WordPress site if a user is created on the Moodle site.

    moodle premium themes free download

    Feature — User account will be deleted on WordPress site if the user is deleted from the Moodle site. Feature — Email template can be sent when the user deletion happens in Moodle. Feature — Course progress shown on the eb-my-courses page. Feature — Default user role can be set for the newly created users if they are created from Edwiser Bridge user-account page or through any of its functionality.

    Tweak — Start, Resume and completed buttons on the eb-my-courses page according to the course completion status.

    30+ Best Moodle Themes of | Design Shack

    Fix — course synchronization settings was synchronizing courses even if they are not checked. This has been resolved. Feature — Added option to disable and customize recommended courses section in eb-my-courses page. Feature — Added option to add and customize recommended courses for the single course page.