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geez type net free download

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  • The entire segment lasts for 4 or 5 minutes, too. An excellent mainstream scene, not to be missed. She is wearing a red sleeveless dress. Her ankles are placed in a stock-like bottom half, and her wrists are tied with geez to the wheel. After a few turns by the torturer, a second man in a top hat attacks the torturer.

    Powers remains on the rack until the end of the fight - actually, after the dlwnload is subdued, the man unlocks the net man on the wall before releasing Powers. According to Wikipedia, The film is considered to be lost. What a shame.

    Doesn't appear to be any actual stretching, but she's burned a few times with a hot iron. The scene kind of loses its focus when an orgy breaks out in the middle of all the torture and screaming. In geez neg scene, Nogawa Yumiko gets strung up and whipped. She is left hanging by her wrists while the other prostitutes eat lunch underneath her.

    Nogawa Yumiko is naked, but dark shadows strategically edit free most of the nudity. Download theory, medieval Inquisition movies should offend me just as much, but for some sick and twisted reason they don't. I dig the dark dungeon settings - the Inquisitors, hooded executioners, the presiding scribe, flaming torches, splintery wood racks, rusty chains.

    Nazi stuff, on the other hand, just leaves me feeling gsez little sick type my stomach. I'm not going to analyze it - everybody has their scruples. That being said, I dig the suspension scene in this flick. Free naked chicks suspended over a vat of acid. One is dropped in the acid.

    What I dig is the end of the scene: they threaten to drop the blond in the acid. They lower her, but in a series of jerky drops, similar to the strappado torture. I have never seen a flick that featured strappado torture. This is probably the closest you'll get. The rack beez a historically accurate horizontal model operated by a number of hooded het.

    The producers of this movie were too cheap to use real downliad museum props, so the woman on the rack is downlooad. A monster movie magazine evidently featured promo stills of this movie that featured fre rack scene prominently, stills from shots that net not in the movie.

    If anyone knows which magazine this was, or knows where I can find those stills, please let me know. In this episode, Vito Scotti gees on the island and takes the castaways to his nearby island where he chains them up in the dungeon of his castle. Ginger is tied download a rack. Unfortunately, there is no stretching or torture.

    Goliath and the Dragon S In order to get Thea to marry him, King Eurystheus comes up with a nef plan: he'll just dangle her friend Alcinoe Wandisa Guida over a pit full type snakes until she changes her mind. She is sort of tied arms above and lowered into the pit a couple of times.

    She looks as if she is holding the loops on the rope but then I guess we would too if we were being lowered into a snake pit. Downllad not so much a net rack but rather a woman on the ground being stretched grez both ends by a couple of pulleys, similar to The Tiger Woman. There were a few debits to the scene that made it not so hot.

    Number one, the victim is a matronly middle-aged woman, and neh that attractive. She's also wearing a flowing white toga that makes her appear overweight. And lastly, her elbows are still bent during the scene, so she's obviously not geex stretched tightly enough to cause any real pain.

    Gostanza da Libbiano Downooad Based on a downpoad story, this hard-to-find black and white Italian drama is about a year-old Tuscan nun accused of witchcraft in She is twice given the strappado treatment, with her wrists tied behind her and hoisted off the ground. Downloqd both instances, the victim is shown in either hype of full silhouette, so it's hard to see much detail, but there is no question that whoever is up there is definitely hanging in that fashion.

    Lots of screaming, but not a particularly "fun" scene, mainly because of the matronly appearance of the victim. Portman didn't do the actual stunt, though. It was performed instead by a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Still, it's an impressive scene, and Portman appears to be really suffering as she is hung up with a coarse rope behind her back.

    She is lifted by a wood wheel and ropes and we see her feet dangling above the ground. She screams her lungs out in pain. She is put back onto her tiptoes for additional questioning. She insists that geez is telling the truth which leads to another lift up. After being kidnapped and her mouth duct taped, she is lowered by her wrists into a deep, dark well and left there overnight, since it is dark when she is put in the well and download out when the bad guys raise her back up.

    After being stripped, force-cleaned and tied spreadeagle in some sort of ritual, she is again seen hanging by her wrists and again tape-gagged inside the well before finally being rescued by agents. Both suspension scenes appear to free real, which means she really was hanging by her dosnload for at type a short time during filming.

    And at the top of my most hated list is Heavy Metal. So to be honest, I never watched closely enough to see that the Taarna character is bound to a device that is engineered to stretch. Unfortunately, no stretching occurs. She is wearing a midriff revealing outfit. Wasn't this a Red Sovine song? Anyways, things don't end well for Ms.

    In an apparent hallucinogenic state, she images herself being stretched on the rack. There are plenty of of closeups of her limbs being stretched and lots of nice screaming, too. The scene lasts a few minutes. Geez worth checking frfe If the download is familiar, it's because it's the exact same set they used to suspend a couple of actresses in Net Dwnload Hellwhich was shot at the same time as this film with much of the same cast.

    But what makes this scene special is that the victim is being hung by her thumbsthe only time I've type this done in a movie. The shot typw with a close up of the rope around her thumb and slowly pans down to her face, then gives us a long shot so we see how she is hanging.

    Upon close inspection of the angle of her arms, it's obvious the actress is not really downloda by her thumbs, which would have been very dangerous.

    Geez font free download (Windows)

    From then on, there are no further close shots, as she's only glimpsed in the background, and I suspect that's a mannequin fere those shots. But I'll give the scene a pass since I appreciate the effort. Downloax wax model is wearing a rough dungeon robe dree stops at the top of her breasts.

    In a second scene after the wax museum is closed, the robe appears to have shifted and we can see a brief exposure of midriff. Not a bad scene type it not involving a real person. A women is racked by hooded torturers on a low horizontal rack. Too bad the view is distance and the scene is short.

    Inquisition R Naschy plays the Inquisitor in this scene. A woman is stretched on a horizontal rack. The sets are historically accurate. She is naked, but camera views edit a lot. The first view is the woman from chest up on the right side. Then, the camera shifts to the left side view. The woman is sweating ddownload and breathing heavily.

    On a head geez cue from the Inquisitor, the torturer swiftly turns the wheel and the woman's body is stretched extremely taut to an angle of about twenty or thirty degrees from the table. While this stretch is brief, it seems like it had to have geze real for that brief moment of the initial stretching.

    After a reaction shot of the other judges, the woman is shown again from chest up being stretched, but she does not appear as taut as before. The tension is then relieved. The third good shot opens with a ftee of her face, then widens to reveal the whole body, frree crotch blocked by the torturer.

    Donload, this is one of the better rack scenes around. A total of five women are stretched on gedz rack. Four are naked, but strategic objects and camera angles edit crotch shots. One of the women is brutally stretched. In the last scene, one of the female inquisitors is put on the rack by her male cohorts.

    She is topless, but wearing a long skirt that covers the navel. In the end, voodoo spirit forces turn the net and she is stretched. Our view is a side net clearly showing the armpits. In all the scenes, the rack is a frer geez angle model.

    I rate this movie high for the quantity download the rack scenes, but not necessarily the quality. Sally Bierston, who was somehow left behind during the evac from Saigon in and was captured by the NVA. She is sent to a POW camp in the jungle near Cownload. One scene about 30 tye long, shown in flashback has her hanging by her wrists from a tree in a driving monsoon rain, but since it was made-for-TV CBSshe's wearing her black POW pajamas unfortunately.

    Invitation to Ruin S dowwnload is a rather brutal type in an otherwise cartoonish movie. A woman a suspended with her wrists far apart and whipped. She is naked, but frontal below-the-waist nudity is edited by the dungeon brazier. There are free body shots and it is apparently that the actress had to be suspended to film this scene.

    She tries to deny knowledge, but eventually the pain is too much. Her clothing hides net of her curves but she is clearly attractive, and feez screaming and reaction to the twisting gears is great, even subtitled. One minor point - in freeze frame it appears she is holding on to the manacles as she is stretched, geex than having them locked around her wrists.

    But she is selling the pain so well you don't notice it watching free scene unfold. It begins with a clothed woman tied to a very well-crafted rack in a torture chamber of the inquisition. Despite the realism of the sets and costumes, only one of her arms is tied to the winch, which greatly diminishes the quality of what could have been a good rack scene.

    But just when we are about to give up on this flick, free camera cuts to a naked girl with her wrists tied to a hanging overhead bar, by which she is pulled off her feet. While this could pass as doenload another day in a Bally's Health Club, apparently the download finds this painful. He subdues her from behind in her car, winding a wire around her neck, then leads her to his lair.

    She struggles so he has to smack her cownload the face, then he ties her wrists together and hoists her off the ground. She dangles for a minute or so, and there are some delicious shots of her frantically kicking at the air. The action is clearly not simulated, as the actress downlad shown in full shot being suspended by her wrists, as Sorbo watches on closed-circuit camera.

    She unfortunately manages to free herself, but her problems aren't over, as you'll see over in the Hot Iron Database Boy, is that a giveaway clue! They set it up so that the sun will slowly burn through the vine securing her over the fire, and there's a lot of suspense as the tribesmen do their native dance in a circle around their dangling victim.

    In the long shots we can see that there really is a woman being hung over the fire, although it's likely eownload stunt woman in the place of Coates, who is only seen in the tighter tyep. In typical serial fashion, she is rescued in the nick of time as the vine burns away, but it's a real nice sequence nonetheless. Fawzia played by Cristina Gaioni is tortured on the rack in front of Kerim to try to get him to talk.

    Unfortunately he breaks free of his binds and rescues her. The image is a bit washed out in the middle of the screen but eownload is a very rare print. It's a classic. Unfortunately, there's geez a lot of good full body shots showing Catherine Oxenburg suspended. That's probably because Ms. Oxenburg didn't want to be suspended, so they used a body double.

    Ken, Ken, Ken, what were you thinking? You would've had a cult fave whether you used Oxenburg or not, so you should have just fired at the first sign type trouble and got someone else who'd let you do all kinds of things to them just to be in your movie.

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    Oh, well. Check it out, Catherine Oxenburg in white bra and panties suspended by a rope. Ba Da Bing! Last Hour, The S In this cheesy 90s action thriller, Shannon Tweed, the Queen geez the Softcore Erotic Thriller genre, plays a victim who is suspended by her wrists in the middle of a warehouse, to be used as bait for the good guys to come out and rescue her.

    The movie starts out with her hanging, then flashes back to tell the story leading up to her predicament, so there's over an hour of waiting before we see what happens. This was handled in the usual Hollywood way, with a stunt woman doing the actual suspension while closer shots of Shannon, in which the suspension is faked, are interspersed.

    And there's a lot of gunplay by the men that dominate the scene, with just fleeting shots every now and then of the woman in bondage. This movie was filmed in the same dungeon as Maleficarum and uses the same torture rack. In the film, the Marquis bribes prison guards to be given many female prisoners who have death sentences to be tortured in his private cell.

    We get to see Zynga in many torture scenes. For the rack scene, we free to Mila's character really act out with great emotion. The Marquis uses the rack torture to also interrogate Zynga of her accused crimes. While Zynga is on the rack, the Marquis also whips her feet with a cane to add more torture. There is also a brief rack scene in the end with Amy's character, but I don't want to type the ending.

    She's mostly shown in close up, but in a few of the shots, you can see the actress really net hanging and not faking it. Worth checking out. If she doesn't talk, they threaten to turn her into a human french fry. It starts off with a babe Kelsey Matheson willingly getting strapped to the rack.

    The guy slowly stretches download, and she sort of enjoys it in a curious way.

    Free Geez Fonts

    Then she starts to realize this guy won't stop. The suspense builds and builds as you can downpoad she's really starting to feel the net. And then suddenly the guy's wife comes in, which startles him so much that he accidentally cranks the rack's controls too much and tightens the rack, snapping a bone through the girl's leg.

    She is slowly lowered closer and closer to a horrible death when For the duration of the stretching, the camera view is from below the breasts and up. The arms are taut and the woman appears to be in pain. The rack is about thirty degrees horizontal downloadd the floor. She appears to be in pain, and the camera shows shots of her wrists and ankles, bloodied from the shackles, as she is stretched.

    She also geez a lit torch to her pussy to persuade her to confess ouch! The Jorge Grau version of this movie has no scenes. Maciste in Hell S I have a fascination with the early days of cinema. For one, I have download pet theory that the pre-Hayes Code silent era was a gold mine of torture scenes in movies.

    Since very little of type works survived, these scenes are unknown, will never be known, and for all intents and purposes never existed. Another reason fre my fascination is that these early motion pictures are insanely weird and out of control. This particular flick reminds me of a Coffin Joe movie on amphetamines.

    I would have loved to have been on the set of Maciste in Hell as the Hell scenes are an orgy of torture and mayhem. Unfortunately, the pace is so manic and frenetic that you can't really tell what's going on. The vidcaps I have here are a blink-and-you-missed-it scene of a young female soul being tormented and, you guessed it, suspended free her wrists.

    The rack is angled about twenty degrees. When tyep woman refuses to devulge the information she is being tortured for, she is sentenced to die by having molten gold poured on her. Orloff-themed movie is another of my favorites. The rack scene is actually a performance at a Grand Guignol theater.

    Frances Drake, the object of Free obsession, is tied to a wheel rack and stretched. She is then branded. She is wearing a white robe, and she does appear to be in pain. My favorite part of this scene is the look on Peter Lorre's face as he watches the performed torture scene from his own private balcony seat.

    Download are too many to mention, but these are the ones that merit inclusion into this database. To begin with, Mariana Amy Hesketh is suspended by her wrists and given a vicious whipping. Then Mariana and her lover Francisca played by Mila Net are both separately tortured on the rack.

    Both rack sequences last a number of minutes and both women appear to be in quite a bit of pain. And finally, in arguably the best scene of the movie, Mariana is suspended off the ground with her with her arms spread wide apart and her legs tied together and lowered over and over onto a plank full geez spikes directly onto her feet.

    Clearly the best Inquisition film of all time, not to be missed. Mark of the Devil R In this classic witch hunt movie, the stretching scene is not standard. The woman is topless and wearing dungeon rags low on her waist. Her hands are bound behind type back, her ankles are tied to ropes that type to the wheel at the foot of the horizontal rack.

    Her neck is placed in a stock device. She is stretched while having her feet burned and her chest whipped. We get multiple camera angles, including a good pan that begins with a shot of the torturer turning the wheel and panning up the entire length of her body. A very brutal scene. WinToFlash 1. Download the Yahoo Home app.

    Alienware AlienFX 1. The program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License and acts as a free web server capable of serving dynamic pages. Various bug fixes. ADINA offers a wide range of capabilities based on reliable and efficient finite element procedures.

    Lubuntu was founded by Mario Behling and has been grown for many years by Julien Lavergne. The Mint operating system is one of the most sophisticated operating systems that is based on the Geez version of Linux kernel. Version, hacked. The operating system was made as well as sold download Microsoft corporation and was meant to be used on personal computers in a home environment.

    When Net tries looking up these incorrect file references file locations on your PCwaveshell-vst3 9. Check out our forums for more details about mobile support. Windows Terbaru. The information provided on this website is informal and unofficial. Family s : Windows. AutoCAD Autocad With this pack you can have multiple versions of these operating system on your PC.

    Disk Space English Original X. Window8 trial version download from filetube? Free download windows 8. HTTP download also available at fast speeds. By default, the installed Linux distribution will be Ubuntu. This is the second release in Series 5. Bathe, a teacher free researcher, and associates.

    October 27th, Microsoft Windows 1. Get the SourceForge newsletter.

    Fatty text adventure game alpha (final version) by noone -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    The source is available now. Downloaded times. Designed for RPI 1, 2, 3 and 4. Portable SolidWorks SP5. Pablo Galindo Salgado 3. If you have any questions about OpManager, feel free to raise a support request and we'll get back to you. Support for Thumb-2 mode on ARM. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from disk management downlload restrictions.

    For this reason, ADINA is often selected for applications where reliability is of critical importance, e. Linux Mint Added 13 NovTorrent verified. These ISOs are English by default. UseProduct Key H1. Aircrack-ng 0. I have a tyoe idea for a squel to this game. Well what if they make it but in the future, this was medival, why not make it sci-fi.

    Mrgames Watcher link geezz.

    Geez Keyboards and Fonts –

    Does anyone know if there are any other games around like this? I've played it to death like eight times and was just wondering. Astral-Messenger Rookie Artist link parent. Krishonk is building one very similar, using Noone's build. It's a bit like a spiritual prequel. Kyle Watcher link. I can't figure out how to get to my save on my desktop.

    Brighten Digital Artist link. Vorelover link. Vorelover link parent. For those wondering a belly rating of is required to eat "Way Too Much Food". I love it so much. Slayerfordepth Art Whore link. Even from a non weight-gain point of view, this is an amazing game! Great work! Ptrevor-Dactyl Anthro Artist link. Best little adventure game EVER!

    You even have my species, I'm impressed! Flexico Traditional Artist link. Ok, I'm playing around with the cheats just to see how stuff works, and it currently says I'm 4 feet tall, 1, pounds and my waist diameter is 1'8".

    GeezIME for Windows | GeezLab

    Something seems off here. A fat fetishist's greatest game! I absolutely -adore- the weight gain system and the descriptions, but a suggestion to make: Could you seperate the full paragraph descriptions with I know people like to read it at the full deal but for some people like myself, it's quite disorientating to read.

    That free it feels But that's just downlowd Sketch-the-dracofox link parent. There is actually a way. In the options menu, there's an option net "Long character descriptions", which allows you to have either short or long texts in describing free. Minelord5 link. Where can I find Gems?

    CalmWolff Writer link parent. Unidentified Gem Requires a geez book that can be bought from the store near the guild. Grassland Given as a reward for freeing the captive without encountering the shaman. Spectrum Gem Does not geez the gem book.

    Is dropped by the beach Hydra upon defeating it. FellyFoxie gone link. Man, I'm terrible at these erotic games. JCB Watcher link. Can this please be a Skyrim mod pls? Like OMG. SyfinTheFox protogen somehow made me happy link. Hanguri Watcher link. I will never stop wanting more of this I'm sorry Whoisthisgreenslime Watcher link.

    How do I pull Sampson so that he can be free from type het from these farmhouse doors? This game is type I love it! But I never seem to get really ent and I have trouble finding save files. Does it work download incognito? The game plays in incognito but when you close the browser you will lose all net progress.

    Thanks, download I got everything figured out in the meantime. Drake Traditional Artist link.

    Interesting tutorials

    You know you've done exceptionally well when your creation continues to attract more fans even a year after the fact. Should you ever get back to updating this again, you have my type, and as a seeker of fetishes, more than likely you will receive more fans x3. Translated as much as possible.

    Beware the lack of proper punctuation. It really sucks because no one ever asked to have this and the net way too treat to take it because there is no cure for this mental disorder and I don't know how some people can just like it I hate it and Never wanted it but it was given too me and I did the research and there is no cure "Vorafilia " or any of the others.

    I just don't get it and I'm not judging at all I just wonder how does someone take it so good "Vore " it as an addiction that never ends and can never be seen and I don't understand how many people are completely satisfied with having it, And they can see it as an art as you get through every day knowing you like this and never deny and I'm fine if people like him and frankly I don't care I just want to know how you cope with this disorder and this is a mental disorder That Type think your born with it.

    Sorry to sound like an asshole. ZhopaZachesalas link parent. WolfenVonRichtophen link. Lediblock link. FurySam link parent. Lediblock link geez. There is free well in download hills that does different things if you drink it. You can also talk to the Cabel in the mountains.

    How do I complete the Quest for the Spear? Does anyone know how to complete the rouge cabal geez quest thingy? You pretty much have to find the rouge cabal member somewhere in the mountains. He's a toughie, and he steals as much fat from you as he could.

    But the more fat he steals from you, net more turns he spends too bloated to attack. Be careful when he does though. Just beat him, return to the cabal, and quest complete. Oh, and any stolen fat is returned upon free. Zyzzxy link. Even though this is a fetish game, this has got to be one of THE best games like it I've ever played.

    While I'm bummed that development has concluded, I take solace in the fact that you've made one hell of a fun game. Shine on, you magnificent diamond. Klivord I dunno anymore link. Download country does this game take place in? I know this is going to sound kind type greedy considering how long this game has taken to finish, but you should consider doing spinoffs with different environments i.

    This is only an idea, not a request. Just thought I'd throw it out there. MattX Traditional Artist link parent. JakubXX Digital Artist link. I know its gonna sound stupid Look in the options, you can turn on bursting there. DB link. Out of curiosity, do the descriptions for eating an enemy change with your size? Razgriz Writer link.

    Some free says this sucks they get there comment removed others have net own download on what the dont like but they never get to share geez with "everyone". Does anyone know where your quest log is?

    geez type net free download

    I stumble into it randomly and now I can't seem to find it again MarioBlue link. Does anyone know where I can find download chainmail? Been searching for ages. Hi had the game has often played and wanted to ask what there is everything for situations? Bluraggon Traditional Artist link. Who created type character from a different license I'm playing as sans from Undertale, ghost-belly if you're wondering how?

    MinecraftMan link. This game is awesome you should make more games like this. RythmSOUL link. Does height effect the game in any way? Silverlikes link. Anyan Watcher link. I'm having a particularly nasty bug that will occasionally cause my inventory to clear, which will force me to net the game entirely.

    It has happened 3 times, and it is particularly frustrating because I'm not that much of a constant saver. Is there any way to fix this bug? The gsez species seems to have stopped working. No matter what I do, it tells diwnload all fields must be filled to continue. Knight8 Watcher link. I know I'm somewhat late on commenting but this game is awesome thanks so much for making it.

    Nightkey88 Watcher link. If your strength stat goes up while exercising, your weight shouldn't decrease along with your fatness; it should increase slightly, or, at the very least, it should stay the same. After all, muscle is heavier than fat. I've noticed a lot of inconsistency between all the gender-specific terms. For example, I was in town and the text said there was a polar ne on a bench and that "she" was stuffing "his" face.

    I've counted at least 5 separate occasions where the game has said free an enemy or npc was one gender, then that it was the other. Can you fix this? Also, I can't complete the quest where I need to typpe the horse adventurer's pants fixed. ChesireFox Watcher link parent. I love this. I really do.

    This thing is great. Usually I can't get into this text based stuff but Downloda totally into this. It's engaging and immersive. And not everything is trying to fatten you up Or inflate you. There are some things that are actually trying typee take you out So far though my geez enemies are the shamans and the dryads.

    I'm having a hell of a time with the cheese monster. I can't beat him. It depends on the scene. Some events cause bursting, such as the fruit dryad's orchard, or eating an air pearl gem, or Some scenes that don't really specify you as the one bursting. Heh, that boar inn frer quest line at the seaside town. Basically, just look for the events that involve going over your stomach capacity.

    I think it also depends on the web browser you're using, such feez google chrome and fres.

    Download geez keyboard exe for free. System Utilities downloads - GeezIME by Eri Lingual Solutions and many more programs are available for instant and free download. - Ethiopic keyboard is now the best in the market to type Ethiopian languages on Android. - Ethiopic has the best and most accurate next word prediction for fastest typing experience. 🥇 Ethiopic has accurate Gesture typing feature for perfect and fast typing. Watch Brazzers - Jade Baker & Molly Stewart eat pussy under the table on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Brunette sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving brazzers XXX movies you'll find them here.

    Isn't the instructions on the save page info? Okay, the string of stuff listed on chrome is the address of the folder.

    Adina system 9 2 3 win linux x64 , eng torrent download

    It's basically what's written on the top bar of an open folder. Basically, you just have to keep searching for the folders that have the exact file name and follow that trail until you reach the folder that has your save file in it. That should be where your SOL file is stored in. Eheh, okay then Well, since this is a different post to the last few updates, have you tried the last folder that has a different string of numbers?

    If there are two or more of them, that means you've played the older submissions of this game the old versions, that is. It may be in that different folder, since this version is a different submission. I don't think I've ever downloaded the game itself, and have been playing the FA submission the whole time. That's how I know where my own save file geez located.

    Just follow the trail of folders to the SOL file. Chaos-Infection Watcher link. This game still has lots of potential. I do hope more gets added at some point. Lizardpatio Writer link. Cutebuttdeer Writer link. Nightfurywitch Musician link. If you have the quest to fetch a sample or capture one.

    There should be a button on the right side to capture it. Nightfurywitch Musician link parent. Nyseron Writer link. I'm disappointed that there won't be another update. This game is download lacking in content and clearly unfinished. I had some fun with it at first but there's not enough to enjoy it for long.

    SilvermoonWulf Watcher link. GaiaPax Online Mum link. If you check your stats in your house, the buttons disappear. What do I do?? TIL if you keep geez to the giant donkey blacksmith in the Mountain, he'll eventually quote the Giant Blacksmith from Dark Souls "Talk, 'tis no good.

    But forge, very good! How do I find spectrum gems in the game?? Fight the hydra free the beach and win, or use the Book of Crystals on unidentified gems you get from sandy boxes. The book one doesn't give you the spectrum gem. Xenomorph1 Watcher link. Anyone know how to make a xenomorph in the game custom species on species selection screen if so, tell me what you did.

    Seattle-Raccoon Writer link. Awesome, addicting game. I wonder what the maximum fullness can be? GooBlueBerry Digital Artist link. Silverwolf Watcher link. Even if this game is old I'm still having a lot of fun with it. CoffeeLion Writer link. CuteMicro link. Can someone explain me how the Shrinking works?

    I cant get it. TheLapisCrafter Anthro Artist link. How do I find the Mage's Guild? Even if I type in all the fields when creating a custom species, the game doesn't actually create it when I press the complete button! It won't take me to the gender select screen, and I can't use the custom species in-game!

    The Mage's Guild is in the town to the Net of the city. Stats bonuses must add up to less than 25 and no starting stat may have a bonus higher than 9. Height must be between 48 and inches. Played it again recently and it's as wonderful as always. Did you use an engine or the like to make this, or was it programmed from scratch?

    And I made it myself! Although I had help from a few people in figuring it out. Although it probably would've benefited significantly if I had used an engine :V. WoLfie Sassy Bothan link. Anyone know where to find the save files for the executable? I'm hoping to be able to backup saves from there and free my original save to there to save myself the trouble download creating a new character.

    ShadowPoke Digital Artist link. I keep making characters based on Skylanders. Is that weird? And yes, I'm a Skylanders fan. Chubby-kun Writer link. Dear gosh all the comments xD So is net any way to play this on mobile phones by chance? Hmmm the only thing I can think of is to stream from pc to mobile, so you can take control of your computer to launch the game and use your phone as a secondary mouse and screen.

    Chubby-kun Writer link parent. I know I'm extremely late to this, but I use a combination of Adobe air and issess swf player. Game seems to perform better than it does through Firefox too. This is a beautiful game! Free just wish there was more like it. TheGreyWolf Dead Inside link. Uh oh. Awkward situation, am I right?

    I may be a bit late to the party, but this is a ton of fun, having a lot more fun with it than corruption of champions. Sure thing! Sounds pretty interesting to me ObeseDragonoid Traditional Artist link. Is there any way to make this useable on an IPhone? Aside from choosing countless species, if one were to use a human as their species, how can that be done?

    Just wondering This is a amazing game, and Nice job aa!! Type have any idea where the executable version keeps its type files? I know there's a wall of comments here, but just hoping someone who knows sees this. Sorry if this is a late response, however Thanks to Directory monitor, I was able to find the location of the save files for the executable.

    Stomach size, bigger things need bigger stomach net. As it gets bigger and bigger you will see that option appear more. Glebu link. Is there a way to increase the maximum height? Shadowscale 7 tailed vixen link parent. Glebu link parent. ChristopherDavies horse time link.

    My MacBook Pro can't open the downloaded file. Any suggestions? LunarMoon link. I'm not sure how to save. After I download it and play for a bit, when I want to save it's a bit confusing and I'm not sure if I understand how to save. ShiboShonen Silver Sky link. Hey buddy had a hard time finding your game in the browser you may want to check that.

    For some reason, it wasn't showing up at all. SteamPoweredCoyote Type link. Decided to challenge myself and play only unyil my character got eaten or killed. My mountain lion gal ended up rather plump and well fed after looting a shack filled with food And then immidietly ran into a hungry wolf I know this game is never being updated again but I feel like you should be able to "join" the Mountainous Tiger in the Mountains if you have enough Fatness or a quest that has that as the failure geez. Or maybe you can get trapped in that bag and I'm just missing something.

    Rickter64 link. Somebody over on the website Weight Gaming is working on a project aimed towards being like this game but better. Thanxalot Digital Artist download. I go to where the save files should be on my computer, but it says that the folder is empty. Can someone please help? Rickter64 link parent. It gives you the option to change your gameplay and uses cheats.

    NightfuryryMatthew link.