App download marketing campaigns

13.09.2021 By Sherry Porter

app download marketing campaigns

  • 5 Top App Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You - JMango
  • 12 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads | Mailchimp
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    5 Top App Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You - JMango

    Eyewear retailer Warby Parker recently launched an app that uses face-mapping technology to recommend eyeglasses that fit your face: The result makes it easy to choose and buy glasses. Because this is a serious value add, rather than an attempt markeing get something out of the users, it has worked very well so far. The takeaway here is, again, that you should offer as much value as possible.

    app download marketing campaigns

    This way, users will have reasons to download and share your app, driving sales and engagement. Most social media platforms give you dowlnoad ways to add an app CTA to your page. This strategy is simple, but effective. Users are already checking out your social content. Just guide them to an app that has more content — and many will be happy to download instantly and come back to you regularly.

    For even better results, use these CTA buttons and add app links to your bio while publishing quality content.

    12 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads | Mailchimp

    Without getting into the details of the game too much, here are the end results:. The takeaway is to use incentives, both digital and physical, to interest users in your game. Remember, people like stuff — especially free stuff — so the more app can trade for in-app actions, the better.

    Here are the campaigns key insights:. In our experience working with hundreds of digital retailers, we found that the answer is usually no. To learn more about how we can help you, or see a free demo use the form below. It needs to be a clear representation of both your brand and the function of your app.

    Most marketers know about search engine optimization SEObut app creators who want more downloads need to get up to speed on app store optimization ASO. The two are similar, but ASO is specifically tailored to increase the visibility of your app in the marketplace.

    According to marketing expert Neil Patelyou can expand the reach of your app and better target your potential customers by linking it to a website and blog. The web is usually the first place people go to search for solutions to their problems. You can set up an SEO-optimized website that expands on the information you provide in your app store listing.

    Consider marketing a blog on your site so that you download showcase different uses for your app and help you get the attention of users searching for topics related to your services. Not everyone will understand all the benefits of your app just from reading a simple description or viewing a few screenshots.

    Another way you can showcase your app and increase downloads is to create a demo video. Make a simple, second video that illustrates the what, how, and why of your app. Place extra emphasis on usability and the most popular features of your product. You can make the most of your marketing efforts by measuring and attributing downloads so you can learn and invest in the channels that are most effective and make the necessary adjustments to the ones not working as well.

    A mobile attribution tool helps you tie the installation of your app to a single ad type, target audience, or platform so that you can optimize your marketing efforts. Some examples of widely used mobile attribution platforms are AdjustAppsFlyerand Kochava. Another technique you can use is connecting with your existing users directly on mobile.

    You can also have current users help you market your app by using in-app messaging and push notifications that encourage them to share on social media, refer a friend, or leave feedback in the app store. These are great ways to continue engaging users and promote your app, giving it the boost it needs to go viral.

    Do you want your own App within 30 days?

    The data you collect from your current markfting can help you improve your product and your marketing tactics to increase the downloads of and engagement with your app. Are they uninstalling your app at a certain point? How often does the average user log in, and for how long? Are there some features that seem to get more use than others?

    Are there any common usability issues that you need to address? There are a variety of in-app tracking tools you can use, and most begin with the installation of a software development kit SDK that allows you to connect to your app data.

    app download marketing campaigns

    Many have features like custom tagging and behavior tracking campaivns give you the information you need to improve the user experience and increase downloads. Another way you can substantially increase the downloads of your app is to create deep links into your app that allow users to easily drop into the mobile experience.

    Companies cam;aigns Branch and Kochava offer this service, which allows for a more seamless experience of moving from web to app. This makes your mobile app both more visible and more accessible to users no matter which platform they find you on. They can also help you track the analytics behind it, allowing you to understand where and how users are encountering your app.

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    But where campaigna you begin? Your first step should be to identify your audience. If your campaivns is other businesses or industry professionals, you might want to promote your app on LinkedIn or Twitter. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, are great for attracting individual consumers who have shown interest in products or services similar to yours.

    Then, you can create hashtagged social media campaigns to generate a prelaunch buzz, grow brand awareness, or promote new and improved features.

    One of the many benefits of having a dedicated website for your app is that you can use retargeting to run ads geared toward people who have paid you a visit but not yet committed to a download. Those on-the-fence visitors will begin seeing ads reminding them about your app on Google, Facebook, and other websites that support Google Ads.

    Once a potential user finds your app, they might need some convincing that your service is reliable and valuable enough to download. This is where reviews can be useful. More positive user markeying will raise the visibility of your app and improve its rankings.

    > Download for iOS and Android. Other options – GoDocs; MailChimp. If you use MailChimp for your email management, their mobile app is a super helpful way to manage your list and your campaigns on the go. Send campaigns (and edit via a companion iPad app), view stats, and manage your list, all from your phone or tablet. > Download for iOS. Nov 02,  · Why App Marketing is Important. Deciding how to market an app can be a daunting process. There are so many apps with different marketing strategies, all experiencing varying levels of success. Competition is fierce, as you probably already know, and over 68% of mobile app companies have a long-term, fully documented app marketing strategy. 5 Top App Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You - JMango

    Encourage user reviews through in-app messages or marketihg emails when users have a moment of success in your app like completing a task or making a purchase.